davinceiconDaVince Tools is a shareware application to convert TIFF, JPEG, BMP and text files to PDF. Web optimization, file compression, text reflow and large file support are just some of the features that are included with DaVince Tools. These tools can run from either the Windows interface program wdavince, or they can be run from the command line or batch program. No other software is required to create PDF files (this is not a plug-in type of program). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader if you want to view or print the files. You are free to use it for a 30 day evaluation. You can download a fully functioning program in the download section.

Release 3 of DaVince Tools contains the following programs:

The Windows Interface program: wdavince

wdavince is the Windows interface for DaVince Tools. This single program provides a GUI interface for all the converters bundled with DaVince Tools as well as access to the bonus applications. Features of this program include drag and drop support, automatic conversion of files to PDF from a watched folder, and automatic launching of the PDF viewer after conversion.

The Converters

DaVince Tools includes all of the converters listed below. All converters convert many files to one PDF or create a PDF for each file, or whole directories can be specified for conversion, including subdirectories. Also, a PDF bookmark can optionally be generated for each file that is converted to PDF.

bmp2pdf: Convert Windows BMP files to PDF

jpeg2pdf: This program converts JPEG encoded files to PDF files. Grayscale, RGB and CMYK color JPEGS are supported.

tiff2pdf: This program converts both binary (black and white) and color TIFF files to PDF files. Single and multi page files, as well as single strip, multi-strip, and tiled files are supported. Thumbnails are supported.

txt2pdf: Convert text files to PDF files with this utility. Advanced features of the application include choice of font, text reflow, multi-column support, article thread support, support for PC, Unix and Mac text files, and automatic blank page removal. Customizable headers and footers, full justification support, support for FORTRAN and COBOL formatted reports and an optional green bar background are also supported. Uses include:

Converting legacy reports to PDF with optional green bar background.
Creating PDF files from standard text files (internet RFC's, for example).
Creating E-books from public domain text files.

Bonus Programs

The following bonus programs are included with DaVince Tools. These programs can be run either standalone or from the Tools menu of the Windows interface program wdavince:

pdfbingo: Have the urge to yell BINGO? This program creates BINGO cards, suitable for printing. Choose from black and white or color cards with either 1, 2, 4, 6 or 9 cards per page.

pdfmaze: This program generates 2-D mazes in PDF, suitable for printing. Maze difficulty can range from the very easy to the very difficult. Mazes can be generated with and without the solution.

tiffdump: A companion to "tiff2pdf", "tiffdump" is a utility to view tags of a specified TIFF file. "tiffdump" can be used to determine what tags a TIFF file may have prior to being converted to PDF using "tiff2pdf".

DaVince Tools is shareware...

DaVince Tools is shareware. There is no timeout or crippling feature to the DaVince Tools, where you can download it from here. However, if you find the software useful, please help support shareware and register your copy. You can register your copy at any time by going to the registration page.

Davince Tools has been creating PDF files since 1999.